Despite our relatively low crime rate, members of the BHA are periodically curious about the service provided by the private security companies. Although there are many to choose from, and cloud-based monitoring systems are becoming more prevalent, the two most popular services in Brentwood are ACS and ADT. Several years ago, ACS replaced Bel-Air Patrol and took over their base at the Bel Air gates. ADT is a national service.

There are two types of service provided. The first tier, called “monitoring” involves sensors installed on windows and doors. When the sensor is tripped, and the alarm is not deactivated, the alarm company is notified. Procedure usually dictates they call the home to see if the alarm was accidentally triggered. If no one answers the call, the police are summoned. Due to the high volume of false alarms, and the low number of patrol cars in our area, the police will not likely respond in time to catch a burglar. Do not mistake this response for a 911 distress call by a homeowner. Police will respond quickly in those circumstances.

Some alarm companies, including ADT and ACS, offer the additional service of officer and/or armed response. This means the alarm company will dispatch a private security officer to your home to check out the disturbance. The response time on this varies as well. It is our understanding from interviewing officers from both companies that ACS has more vehicles in our area. We have received a few complaints over the years about ACS sales tactics, but this has not dissuaded their customers from being generally satisfied with their service.

Discussions with ADT indicate they have one car exclusively for all of Brentwood. This is due to the limited number of armed response subscriptions which can only support one full-time car in 90049. The concern is obviously the response time if you are south and east of Kenter and Sunset, but the car is currently atop Mandeville on patrol. The BHA will continue to investigate these issues are relay the pertinent information so our homeowners can make an informed choice.

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