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Solar Power Is Here

January 19, 2020
All new homes in California now require solar panels. Some homeowners who are interested in energy independence have opted for battery power storage as well, which can be an advantage when there are issues with the power grid. With both solar and battery backup, you are not subject to intermittent outages and you can still have power in an earthquake.

BHA Assists In Arrest

December 20, 2019
A BHA board member was able to provide a license number from a home security camera that helped in the capture and arrest of the perpetrator who tagged a bunch of vehicles around Brentwood! Detectives are still investigating the crimes and others were involved. The tagger in one instance caught on camera did not leave his vehicle, but pulled up next to the victim's car and spray painted from his driver's side window.

BHA LAPD Spread Cheer

December 19, 2019
Pictured above, kids of BHA members load toys in an LAPD cruiser, donated by BHA and individual members who added to the collection, benefitting kids in need this holiday season.


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