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Described as the "mansion tax" by its backers, Measure ULA would fund affordable housing and tenant assistance programs in Los Angeles through a tax on real property transfers over $5 million. All sales or transfers of real property exceeding $5 million would pay a 4% tax on the sale price, increasing to 5.5% on the sale of real property $10 million or more. This tax would not expire and could only be ended by the voters.

A recent article by the LA Times states Caruso and Bass do not support this measure, noting "Both appear to think that backing the tax is bad politics when Angelenos are frustrated with how past money has been spent to address homelessness, even as many feel the crisis has worsened." In our recent questionnaire, Traci Park remained undecided on this tax and Erin Darling is in favor of this tax.

Many homes in our area will be affected by this tax. 72% of our members have lived in Brentwood for 20 years or more, while 88% have lived here more than 10 years, witnessing great appreciation in the value of their home. For those whose home is their single biggest asset and the sale a source of funds for retirement, the tax would reduce profits by $200,000 on a $5 million sale (this tax is based on the sale price, not the net proceeds after mortgages and other taxes are paid).


Proposition SP would impose an $.84 per square foot tax on residential and commercial buildings to help fund parks, recreational centers, pools, playgrounds, waterways, beaches, green spaces, open spaces, childcare and other facilities, and increasing park equity in the City of Los Angeles. In considering whether or not to vote for it, the LA Times shared this opinion:

There is a need for more money to keep the city’s parks from falling into ruin and to develop new recreational facilities. But the language of Proposition SP lacks any detail or funding distribution plan that would ensure the money addresses those needs.


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