BHA Board of Directors with LAPD Assistant Chief Blake Chow, Councilwoman Traci Park, Mayor Karen Bass and Fire Chief Kristin Crowley.

300+ Brentwood Residents Attend Annual Meeting

BHA was honored to have Mayor Karen Bass once again deliver remarks at its annual meeting. After one year in office, Mayor Bass highlighted some of her accomplishments as well as issues facing the City. After her remarks she opened the discussion up to the audience where members asked questions about crime, homelessness, tree protection, and increased density in our high fire zone hillsides. Fire Chief Kristin Crowley, Councilwoman Traci Park and LAPD Assistant Chief Blake Chow concluded the program by talking about what the City is doing to address the increase in crime and the threat of wildfire in our community.

Councilwoman Traci Park and MySafe: LA Executive Director David Barrett presenting BHA President Thelma Waxman with certificate recognizing BHA as a FireSafe Council.

BHA Becomes First California Fire Safe Council in Brentwood

Fire Chief Kristin Crowley formally recognized BHA as a California Fire Safe Council at the annual meeting. This designation will assist us in making sure all of the homes in our boundaries can survive a wildfire. A wildfire risk assessment has been conducted of the homes and terrain within our boundaries. From this assessment, we will be able to create and implement a multi-year action plan that identifies and prioritizes ways we can reduce the threat to our homes.

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