BCC Update On Local Zoning

The BCC Land Use Committee reports the Brentwood Housing & Environmental Coalition ("BHEC") is a group primarily funded by and made up of Brentwood Park HOA people opposed to the Bad Housing Bills. They have hired a lobbyist to advise and assist them.

The lobbyist says the Bills with the best chance are SB 1120 (Atkins) and AB 1279 (Bloom). No further amendments can be made to AB 1279.

According to BCC rep Larry Watts, SB 1120 would allow lot splits, and 2 houses, by right, on what is now one single-family lot.  

The amendments to SB 1120 proposed by BHEC include:
--an affordable housing requirement
--exclusion of lots immediately adjacent to very high fire zones, as well as all high fire zones
--cost or rent affordability definitions based on the % of median income
--2 parking spaces required per unit
--discretionary review required if likely to have certain traffic impacts

BCC Chair Michelle Bisnoff and Chris Spitz from Pacific Palisades are in communication with Senator Ben Allen on these issues.

The BCC LUC also heard from a group in favor of the bills. The group, Abundant Housing LA, thinks areas like Brentwood should have an additional 20,000 housing units (outside hire fire zones).