Bills Threaten Zoning

Four new bills being introduced in the California state legislature would serve to diminish or destroy current local zoning laws that prohibit multi-family dwellings in single-family neighborhoods. SB 902, SB 1120, AB 1279 and AB 725 each have elements that would open the possibility of townhomes or apartments next to your single home.

Los Angeles created certain zoning patterns decades ago, in the form of high-density, medium-density and low-density housing allowances. This allowed for urban centers to be surrounded by apartment and condominium complexes to house people needed to support those urban centers. As California's population grew, those medium-density areas grew more popular and in some cases were gentrified, pushing workforce housing farther away from city centers. This in turn contributed to traffic issues as well as other impactful social and ethical dynamics. Sacramento is attempting to upend the problem with a one-size fits all solution, forever changing the landscape of over 800 California communities.

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