Burglars Busted

On Friday Evening (November 22, 2019), two burglaries occurred involving Brentwood residents, one on the 100 block of Homewood Drive and the other immediately afterwards, on the 500 block of Avondale Avenue.  The one on Homewood Dr. occurred at approximately 3:30 pm.  The suspects, two, tall, male, blacks, wearing ski masks, entered the rear of the house by smashing the back-door window to the victim’s bedroom and were ransacking the bedroom when confronted by the victim. One suspect threw a pillowcase containing victim’s property at the victim’s face and fled out of the house the way they came in.  The victim was uninjured but obviously shaken up.  They did not manage to steal any property.
The brazen suspects then went to a house located on the 500 block of Avondale.  Thanks to a sharp-eyed witness who called police the minute he saw them pull up to the house, exit from a white Toyota Corolla and then jump the fence, a LAPD airship was soon overhead the burglary.  The suspects had smashed a side window to gain entry and stole the victim’s jewelry and miscellaneous property, fled out the front door, and then jumped back into the white Toyota. They fled but the airship directed officers to them.  As they tried to get away, they crashed near the 700 block of Moreno Avenue.  After a K9 and foot search, one suspect was found hiding to the rear of a house.  Unfortunately, the other suspect managed to get away, but not before leaving some identifying property within the vehicle that provides detectives with substantial information.  In addition, the vehicle was determined to be a rental, rented by a known female associate of the suspects.  Not surprisingly, the suspects have criminal rap sheets. Of note, a black BMW suspected to be part of the crime spree has been determined by detectives to not be involved in the crime spree.