BHA Members Respond To Fire

Keeping our members informed with the most up to date and reliable information 
  • During the course of the four-day evacuation we sent out 16 emails and 11 text messages
  • We received 100 emails during that time from members looking for answers and/or advice.
  • What were our members’ top concerns/issues/questions?
    • Daily services such as mail and trash
      • Is the mail being delivered?
      • How will we get it?
      • Did trash get picked up?
      • What about those not evacuated?
    • Physical Access
      • How can we retrieve items we need?
      • Why are some areas blocked and not others?
      • Why are the policemen letting in gardeners and others when the residents have been told to evacuate?
      • Freeway access
    • Has there been looting?
    • Evacuation timeline and updates
      • When will we get back in?
      • Why can’t we get in?
      • Frustration with repopulation (why can someone one block over go back and not me?)
    • Membership status and information
      • Please add my cell
      • Please add my housekeeper or my husband to get alerts
      • Children of elderly parents asking for information and to be added as a contact
    • Flow of information
      • When is the next news conference?
      • Where do I find updates?
What did our members think of our alerts and communication during the Getty fire?
  • 228 members completed survey
  • 95% of our members were satisfied or very satisfied with the content and timeliness of our emails
  • 69% of the respondents also received texts from BHA
  • When asked how they received their information during the Getty fire, 85% received info from LAFD and 81% from BHA. Only 48% received info from the media and only 18% from social media.
  • When asked if they received emails from Councilman Bonin and NotifyLA, 60% and 75%, respectively, responded yes.
How did our members feel about BHA?
  • Based on their emails and comments on the survey, our members were extremely happy with our role.
    • I was very proud of the job the BHA did. I feel very fortunate to have such a well-prepared /well-connected homeowners association.
    • We are so grateful for all that you do and always in a timely manner. Thank You!!!!!!
    • How about a huge round of applause and appreciation from all those evacuated for the OUTSTANDING job done by BHA Communications. My wife and I are extremely grateful.
What suggestions or comments did our members have on preparing for future disasters?
  • Communication
    • Post the email updates on our website
    • Send updates out at specific times (9am, noon, 5pm, e.g)
    • Put a time and date on emails since information was coming fast and furious and members were not sure what was current or past
    • Elderly do not use cell phones or computers, consider a telephone tree with landlines
    • Provide information on where houses were in danger and where they were not
    • Many were out of town and did not know if their house was in imminent danger or just part of the evacuation zone out of caution and access for first responders
  • Emergency Preparedness
    • Information provided by BHA about City alerts from LAFD and NotifyLA very helpful
    • Remind people to check BHA website for emergency numbers and alert sign ups
    • Continue to remind people what to have in case of emergency—flashlights, masks, etc
    • Divide our community up into sectors and find volunteers to head each one up to check on elderly or call those not accounted for or receive information about specific neighborhood to then relay to sector
    • More seminars and meetings about preparing for crises so that everyone is ready with go bags and other supplies
    • Implement RYLAN and Neighborhood Watch teams to help with idea of creating teams/sectors
  • Suggestions for City
    • Put power underground. Require all new building permits [and maybe some level of remodel] to put wires underground. DWP could use that as an opportunity to offer [at some fee] underground wiring to the neighbors and keep expanding the process.
    • Decrease access to area during high risk days.  Many go into the hills to walk dogs or access trails and do not understand what red flag days mean. Illegally parked cars hinder emergency vehicles and rescuers.