VA Parking Lots

Many of you wrote to BHA about the reinstatement of paid parking in the lots next to the Post Office. BHA communicated your concerns to the Brentwood Village businesses as well as the operator of the lot and the VA. After several meetings and proposals, the following rates will apply:

$5.00 per hour (reduced from $7.00)

$1.25 per 15 minutes (reduced from $1.75)

$7.00 flat rate after 5:00pm

$20.00 daily maximum rate

Hours of Operation 6:00am to 10:00pm

In addition, businesses will once again be able to purchase discounted validations for customers to park free for one hour or more. Employees will also receive a discounted rate to park in the lots, taking them off the streets of our neighborhoods.

As a reminder, these lots are part of the VA West LA Campus and are NOT owned by the City.  The West LA Leasing Act of 2016 requires the VA to use the ENTIRE West LA campus to benefit the veterans and their families.  The revenue generated and the vets Safety Park has committed to hire to run the lots satisfy this condition.  Any veteran may park free at the lots.