School Traffic

Traffic matters to you, so traffic matters to us. While we can't divert all traffic away from our streets, we can make strides in limiting increases and in some cases winning reductions. BHA continues its perpetual efforts to limit private school traffic, but in cases of the photo above, taken Friday at 7:35am on 26th and San Vicente, we have limited influence on traffic generated by the public schools. BHA sponsored a pilot program for Paul Revere parents and subsidized busses to take 50-60 cars off the road, but ultimately, getting 2,200 students to that location within an hour creates congestion. Combine that with commuters from Santa Monica making their way to the 405 and you get gridlock. The BHA will continue to support solutions to take cars off the road.  

Last year we worked hard to to subsidize similar busing options at Kenter Canyon Elementary School to alleviate the traffic issues created by parents driving their children to school; however, only eight families signed up for the program, which was not enough for a successful program. We are still looking for ways to solve the traffic problem at Kenter Canyon that the parent community will adopt and support.  In the meantime, we ask all parents who drive their children to school to please slow down, do not park in red zones, do not block neighbors' driveways and be mindful of those crossing the street.