Veteran's Lots Hire SafetyPark

There was a meeting this week with VA representatives and Brentwood Village Chamber members to sort through the issues with the unannounced opening of the lots on Aug 17. The operator, Safety Park, is conducting a parking rate survey to determine a fair market rate by Sept 1, which has to be approved by the local VA. The old hourly rates that were charged prior to the two-year hiatus are in effect until then. The current rate may or may not change. See the attached VA fact sheet for more background.

A committee is being formed to get input on the other outstanding issues:
  • How to allocate parking spaces to businesses that want to buy monthly passes for employees at $200/month. There are a total of 450 parking spaces.
  • Can hours be extended to at least 10 p.m. to accommodate restaurants.
  • Need to install new electrical for gates and pay stations (no cashiers) at a time TBD. 
  • Businesses have to provide services to Veterans in order to offset any discount on validations for customers. 
It was explained that the sudden opening of the parking lots was caused by an "urgent" Friday call from a business owner in the Village to end free parking because Luxe Hotel employees were allegedly overwhelming the lots. Safety Park was also concerned about being in default of its contract if it didn't open the lots.

For more info, see this from the operator.