Fire Safety Meeting



The area Fire Safety Meeting this week at Paul Revere Middle School drew a good amount of homeowners interested in being prepared for emergencies and evacuations. Here were some take-aways for those unable to attend.

- Sign up with

- Don't turn gas back on yourself - Call the Gas Company!

- If you think you smell gas, CALL 9-1-1!

- A fire resistant grid over holes in your eaves will help. You can see how they work at the Safety Fair at Paul Revere on May 19, 2019 from 11am to 1pm.

- LAFD has predictive software showing anticipated spread of fire (based on wind, humidity, etc) that will enable them  to provide a two hour notice to evacuate They will also hold traffic at distant points like Church Lane to clear Sunset for mass evacuation.

- If you are evacuated, make sure you have your identification with you, so you can be allowed back in during restricted times.

- LAFD Brush Clearance Program is May 1 - June 30. The LAFD expects to look at 140,000 parcels, cite about 14,000, and have about 1,400 getting clearance done by City approved contractor at the expense of homeowner. View status of your property's brush clearance at