Burglary is a crime of opportunity. Make their work risky and difficult, and you stand a
good chance of stopping them before they get in.

Your first line of defense

To a burglar visibility means vulnerability. They hide behind fences and shrubbery. The
key is to keep trespassers out while keeping your property visible.  Keep hedges clipped down around waist level.

On the outside looking in
Burglars try the doors and windows first. If burglars have difficulty here, chances are
they will move on to another property.


• Locks. The strongest are deadbolt locks with a minimum 1″ throw bolt containing a
hardened, saw-resistant steel insert. Attach the strike plate to the door frame with 4″
screws. The double cylinder deadbolt lock requires a key from both sides, preventing
a burglar from breaking glass in the door and turning the knob from the inside.  BUT, for fire safety, make sure a key is adjacent and never moved, and all family members know its location!!

• Door construction. Burglars can kick in a weak door. Replace hollow core doors with
solid core doors, or strengthen the existing ones with metal sheets. Replace weak
door frames, or reinforce them with steel or concrete.


Make sure windows are locked and secure.


Light is a great crime deterrent. Light up all dark areas, especially doors and windows.


New and easy to use cameras are a good aid for when you are home and when you are note. As of this posting, Nestcam and Ring offer to inexpensive solutions.


If you have one, use it!

Every alarm system should include:

• a fail-safe battery backup
• a feedback device to check the system


Locks and alarms can’t prevent a burglary unless they’re in use. Establish a routine for
locking doors and windows, setting up alarms.

If a burglar breaks in

Your best protection against an intruder is visibility.

If you suspect a burglary:

• Don’t go in — the burglar may still be inside.

• Call police immediately.

For more information, see https://brentwoodhomeowners.org/burglarytips.php