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Mount Saint Mary's Wellness Pavilion

MSMU is not being honest.  Mount Saint Mary‘s University (MSMU) postcards and updates to the community state the School is "only replacing the current, outdated fitness facilities and wants approval "to build a new health and wellness facility for our students."  That is not true. The Wellness Pavilion is more than just a gym and not just for students.

MSMU fails to mention the following facts:

  • The School‘s request to operate a new twelve-week summer camp for children and to host multiple large-scale events for outside guests (more activity, more cars, more of an impact).
  • The School‘s refusal to discuss any cap on enrollment, so it is free to expand enrollment in the future (more students, more activities, more cars).

  • What, if any, resources MSMU is personally willing to commit to avert the chaos and diversion of City fire resources that occurred during the Getty fire.

  • MSMU would increase its 1,800 average daily vehicle trips to over 2,100 average daily vehicle trips, increasing the traffic congestion in our residential hillsides and on Sunset Boulevard. MSMU‘s boast of reducing car trips is NOT TRUE since it is actually an INCREASE.

ACT NOW to have the City and Councilmember Mike Bonin make changes to the Project to protect our community.  Send this email to the City Planning Commission and Councilmember Bonin.

For more information on the Project and the critical October 21 hearing, go to

Threat to Single-Family Neighborhoods is Real

Senate housing bills SB 9 and SB 10 that would eliminate local zoning control were signed into law by Governor Newsom in September.  The fight is not over.  Please visit two groups who are taking the lead on the opposition—Livable California and United Neighbors—to learn more about what is next. 

Homeless Encampments

The Sheriff‘s Department is currently working with other City, County and Federal agencies to address the problem. Please check back for more updates. 

We understand the homeless encampment outside of the VA is the number one issue with our members.  You can learn more about the facts here.  BHA will continue to work with all City and County agencies to find a permanent solution to this issue that affects both the housed and unhoused. 

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