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Come December, the businesses at the old Barry Building will be out, officially due to necessary seismic improvements. We have no word on whether or not the improvements will be done by owner Charles Munger, but indications are the building will be left vacant …read more


Scenic San Vicente

Two meetings will be held about the future of San Vicente with respect to developments. The first is a town hall sponsored by the Brentwood Community Council about the San Vicente Scenic Corridor Specific Plan, on July 26 (for more info, click here). The Specific Plan is a set of guidelines which governs various facets of the boulevard. The other meeting is at the Design Review Board on July 28 (details here), which will hear a proposal about a replacement of the Peet’s Coffee building. Both meetings are open to the public. (Previous Article).


Approximation of height proposal for this site.



A rendering of another development by the same company.


Security Survey

Thank you to all those who responded to our survey. The results can be found here on our website. The BHA is committed to providing you information on how to best secure your home. We still recommend checking out the list of things you can do to make your home safer.