After two weeks of filming on Tigertail Rd at a private residence, some members asked us about the regulations. The City of Los Angeles relies on FilmLA to issue permits for filming around Los Angeles, but they are a facilitator, not so much a regulator. We will now be pursuing a more tailored and restrictive set of rules similar to the one adopted by Brentwood Park to our west. Would you support limitations on consecutive filming days and total film days per year in our area?


BWS City Planning

Brentwood School made their case to the City Planning Commission this week, another step toward the approval of their master plan. The Brentwood plan would not increase traffic to the School for thirty years, but Councilman Bonin has weighed in and wants to see a traffic reduction. Regardless of the final CUP, the BHA covenant will impose severe financial penalties for violating traffic, construction or operational limitations.


Report A Problem

Most people see a pothole, illegally parked vehicle or a downed tree branch, but don’t know it’s easy to report it to the City. With the “MyLA311” app on your phone, you can take a picture of the issue, automatically site the location based on the GPS in your phone, and get the City to take care of it within hours or days, depending on the severity. The same MyLA311 is also available on your web browser and can be used on your home computer. Give it a try next time you see something worthy of a report.