Crime Rate

There has been some confusion about recent crime rates in Brentwood, as reported by some security companies and on social media. To separate fact from fiction, we met this week with LAPD and found overall, crime in our area has recently been on the decline. Yes, there was a small spike in burglaries this past Fall, but collectively, we are still one of the safest communities in Los Angeles.

Officers and detectives did point out however that lack of vigilance can aid criminals. Some people are still not using their alarms and are leaving second story windows open. In one case, a neighbor saw a ladder leading to a window and just assumed there was some construction going on next door. We need to be on the lookout and use as many deterrents as possible. In particular, LAPD recommends active alert cameras that can pick up motion in your back and side yards. Triggered alarms will generally not glean a police response but active intruders will, as we saw last year.